Breaking Through and Falling Off

We had the best weekend with our older daughter home from college, a family wedding we had all been looking forward to and an annual celebratory dinner with our closest friends (luckily we have something to celebrate every year!)  It was also one of the toughest in terms of staying the course.  The problem wasn't the weekend, but the fallout for the following week.

I had planned the weekend pretty carefully and it all went well. What really pushed me through was fitting into a couple of outfits this weekend. One was a custom fitted blouse I wore 15 years ago,  one outfit  that just fit when I tried it on 2 months ago but was actually loose at this point (no Spanx required!), and a pair of pants I bought in Vegas, loved and purchased tight with the plan that "someday" they would be comfortable.  I couldn't fit into them for years but they remained loose after a full dinner at Bourbon Steak, dessert and all.

I bought all kinds of amazing treats for my older daughter when she came home  last weekend, far too much for her to eat over one busy weekend, so guess where they are? Yup, sitting in my refrigerator and pantry waiting for a willing taker.  Additionally, although I planned carefully and moderated my intake, I opened myself up to some things I haven't eaten in weeks.  I had steak for dinner back to back on Saturday and Sunday night (with potatoes of course), and had a couple of bites of dessert both nights. Absolutely fine, I know that I won't sustain weight loss efforts if if I completely cut out everything I like, but I definitely get how this is like any addiction.  On Monday morning I woke up looking for the little cheese crackers I had bought for Inshira.  Tuesday I had some fries with lunch (good news, the balloon can tolerate crappy, greasy food now!) and Wednesday I had something called Krispy Krunchy Chicken purchased from a gas station while waiting out a stressful situation with a friend.   I didn't have much of anything but enough of everything to make me feel like I need to pull myself together  ASAP.

There is some good news here as well.  After my plateau and ankle injury last week, I did start my Isagenix cleanse.  I dropped about 3-8 lbs depending on the time of day, but even at my worst weigh in (late night after dinner) I still haven't gotten back to the height of my plateau weight.  I also started working out again.  I'm doing PiYo, a pilates-yoga combo low impact workout from Beach Body that is pretty great for someone just getting back into the game.  The stretching actually is helping my foot heal as well (not just my opinion, my podiatrist agreed this morning).  I'm cleared to "power walk" or get on the elliptical as well as continue PiYo, so I will keep doing it, hoping it will help me get a firmer grip on my discipline. 

One of the biggest motivators for me is the people around me.  When one of you tells me you are following the blog or have taken steps to get healthy yourself, I know getting through this is bigger than just denying myself free reign to eat or be sedentary.  More on that next week, but for now wish me luck, this is where I usually lose interest and slide back.  I'm at the halfway point and would really like to see this through.


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