Is Solidcore NOT a Beginner Class?
By Mona
April 10, 2017
Category: Weight loss
Tags: ORBERA   gastric balloon   exercise  

I've completed 4 weeks, and I'm feeling pretty good.  There are the external rewards like fitting into clothes that have been sitting hopefully in my closet for years and there are the healthy rewards like sleeping better, but like anything once you stop working, the program stops working.  Now that I can digest just about anything, a lot more of what I'm eating and when is up to me.  This means that I'm not always making the healthiest choices and am able to consume a few more calories than I was able to last week.  While I am still trying to be mindful, and am generally sticking to the program, it also means I'm not losing as much weight as I did initially.  In fact, I actually saw a slight upward tick in my weight this week.  

While I have been advised by our team not to panic, this is a normal part of the process (my body fat percentage has actually continued to drop steadily), it's hard not to be annoyed when weight loss is your goal.  I decided that in order to replicate my post NYC results, I needed to get moving more regularly. Between my house, my car and my office I have literally been constantly sitting since getting back to Maryland. I have gotten up a few days this week and gotten on the treadmill for 20-30 minutes and walked at a comfortable pace, but it hasn't made much of an impact (what a surprise) I'm hardly squeaking out a mile.  I decided I needed to try something different that works with my lifestyle.

For about nine months out of the year, my lifestyle includes regular basketball practice.  Not for me of course, I just sit in the car and work or come home and get dinner ready, but for my daughter.  Right across the street from where my daughter practices I've noticed what looks like some sort of fitness studio, Solidcore.  I sat at my computer, looked it up, and before I could changed my mind enrolled in a class that coincided with basketball practice.  I did this an hour prior to the class so I wouldn't have time to back out, changed, dropped my daughter off, and headed to class.

Unlike me, perhaps you've heard of Solidcore?   Basically  Solidcore is NOT a beginner class, you should be able to hold a plank for 60 seconds before attempting it, and it is meant to push you to your mental and physical limits.  I think it also helps if you have a somewhat developed core before you begin!  The instructor was amazing but unforgiving, she really pushed me to do the full version of every move (I of course clung to the handle bars for support as needed anyway), and the regulars there were so kind and supportive I actually realized what a loser I must have looked like that these notoriously aloof Bethesda ladies each felt the need to come over and tell me how great I did.  I did not "do great" I promise you, I was humbled in a big way, but I appreciated the attempt.

This is not meant to discourage you from trying something new, in fact I'm going to try something new every week (I'd love suggestions if you have some).  I got through the entire 50 minutes.  I feel sore, but also really good about accomplishing something.  I have always been able to jump into a class at the gym and pick it up pretty quickly, so not being good at this was hard.  I also remind myself that I have not seen the inside of a gym in five years. I also needed to be honest about my "workouts" at home.  I definitely am not pushing myself enough, now I know that I can handle it.  I will be back at Solidcore, but I will go back when I'm strong enough to do it right.  See you there!


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