The Plateau
By Mona
April 18, 2017
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I'm entering Week Seven this week and while I am happy overall with my results there are certainly things that are frustrating me as well. Just as I was starting to get into my workout rhythm I injured my foot and am in a walking boot for the next week or two.  Getting my workout rhythym is no small task for me.  I make every excuse in the book to avoid exercise, but I had finally gotten to the point where my body was craving it and I was doing it almost happily.  Additionally I had hit the dreaded plateau that anyone who has tried to lose weight knows all too well.  After losing the first 10-12 pounds pretty quickly, worse than being stuck I'm actually going down and then up again!  I know there is some normal fluctuation in weight, but that doesn't make it any easier to watch.  Mildred (our medical assistant who is taking this journey with me) has advised me to stop weighing myself daily.  I'm trying but it's not easy.  I like to see the numbers move!  In the meantime I refuse to give up the ground I've gained and am trying to walk in smaller spurts and focus on exercises that don't involve my foot (they exist!)

What is happening, slowly moving scale notwithstanding, is a change in my wardrobe.  From jeans, to tops, to the one piece of clothing that never makes me happy to wear, dresses, I am finally excited to buy clothes again.  Although I'm just about at the halfway point for my weight, I am so happy with my new clothing sizes and more importantly how everything fits.  I've dropped down from a 10-12 to a size 6 in 7 weeks.  For a person with a build as small as mine that is hardly the end game, but it's a start that I'm really happy with.  I'm even back in my european sized jeans. 

I have a long way to go though.  As of this morning I was down between 15-20 lbs. taking fluctuations into account.  That leaves me with about 20-25 lbs to go.  When I spoke to my ORBERA nutritionist yesterday, she shared two really interesting pieces of information with me.  The first was that often when you've hit a plateau it's because you aren't taking in enough calories.  She advised me to stick closer to 1200 calories than 1000 calories.  Quite honestly I'm a terrible calorie counter and so I haven't really been watching really closely, just monitoring what I eat, making sure it's often enough, and relying on a lot of repitition.  

The second thing was her response when I shared with her my concern that I will gain all the weight back once the balloon is removed. She reiterated that the balloon was just a tool, and then reminded me that the balloon is NOT losing the weight, I am.  In fact, there are people who GAIN weight with the balloon if they do not follow the protocol.  While that did scare me a little, it also made me feel a lot better to know that I have done this myself and can continue moving forward once the balloon is removed as well.

With my newfound sense of empowerment, I've decided to take accelerating my weight loss to the next level by incorporating a cleanse that I like and has worked for me in the past into my routine this month.  It's called Isagenix and we carry it in the office, but more importantly we use the products in our home.  Something like this may not be for you, but for me I want to get through this plateau before I lose interest or become discouraged.  I've already incorporated the shakes into my diet (part of the repitition) and have added some supplements that are helping with the bloating and other digestive issues that come with a change in diet.  This week I'm doing the detox cleanse as well (it's two days this week and I'm already almost finished with day one).  I'm taking advantage of the balloon keeping me less hungry to get through the cleanse.  I have invested so much into this that I need to do everything I can to maximize my results.

Pictures are coming soon, I haven't posted them simply because I don't take pictures at the glamourous events I go to like the grocery store, AAU games, and work.  I'm headed to a wedding this weekend and I just barely fit into my outfit when I bought it 6 weeks ago. I haven't tried them on since, but  I'll share the pictures with you as soon as I have them!

Thanks to all of you for your support, I love your feedback and encouragement.  




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