What is ORBERA?

ORBERA® is a two-part program designed to provide effective, long lasting results that you can see within the first few weeks.   ORBERA® patients on average lose 3.1 times the weight they would with diet and exercise alone.

The gastric balloon is a nonsurgical approach to weight loss that uses an inflatable device placed inside the stomach to help patients feel full faster so they eat less. The balloon is filled with sterile saline solution and remains in the stomach for about six months while patients learn new, healthier eating habits and develop other lifestyle changes that can help them maintain weight loss after the balloon has been removed.

What is the gastric balloon procedure like?

The gastric balloon is placed in the stomach without the need for incisions. Instead, a long, slim instrument is used to place the deflated balloon into the stomach via the mouth and esophagus, similar to an endoscopy that's used to diagnose and treat some gastrointestinal tract problems. Prior to placing the balloon, an endoscope will be used to view the stomach to ensure placement can be performed without any issues. Then the balloon is inserted into the stomach and filled to a specific size and volume, usually between 13 ounces and 23 ounces. The amount of fluid inside the balloon can be adjusted based on the patient's specific needs and objectives. Because no incisions are used, the procedure can be performed using sedation and patients can return home soon afterward. Most procedures take about a half hour.

What happens after balloon placement?

For a few days following the balloon's placement, patients follow a liquid diet to help the stomach adjust to the balloon and to reduce the risk of nausea and bloating. Dr. Din will also prepare a medication regimen for you to start prior to the procedure in order to minimize your discomfort after the procedure. Coffee, chocolate, carbonated beverages and fatty foods will need to be avoided initially while the stomach adjusts. During the six months the balloon is in place, patients will have dietary and nutritional counseling and other support services to help them learn healthier behaviors that can enable them to maintain weight loss once the balloon is removed.

How is the balloon removed?

The gastric balloon removal procedure is performed in the same way as the placement procedure, using an endoscope to first deflate the balloon and then remove it via the esophagus and mouth.


Losing weight isn’t easy and the solution is often as complex as the reasons behind the issues leading to obesity.  Dr. Din is excited to be one of the first physician’s to be able to offer the nationally recognized ORBERA® Balloon Procedure and Weight Loss Program to individuals in the DC metro area.

In working with digestive diseases for the last 15 years, Dr. Din has seen a range of health issues, many of them stemming from excessive weight. Dr. Din has worked with thousands of patients to develop better nutrition plans and reduce their BMI, but has seen how what seems like a simple prescription to “just lose weight” is often an insurmountable goal for many.  After careful review of the medical literature around gastric balloon’s Dr. Din feels that the use of this non-invasive medical procedure coupled with 12 months of personalized nutrition, exercise and lifestyle coaching will be a life changer for patients committed to losing the weight and keeping it off who need his support to do so. 

Although the balloon is removed after six months and the initial program runs for 12 months, your renewed commitment to your own health is what will ultimately end your struggle with weight permanently.   We look forward to helping you get there!


The cost is an investment in your health. We realize this isn't a procedure that is covered by insurance, but we have financing options that help you spread out the cost. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 866-636-6074. ORBERA® can be paid for using an HSA or FSA.  We also accept CareCredit or can discuss an in house payment plan. This gives you the option to pay for this weight loss procedure in convenient monthly payments in a way that fits your budget.


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